Market Quotient has enriched the research needs of the automobile industry by keeping a track of market, by updating with the competitors, following the innovation trends or bespoke projects to support strategic initiatives like through channel surveys or emerging economies or supply chain intelligence. We have expanded our experience in automobile industry specialising in sales channel, logistics, supply chain and used car markets.

Our major focus in automobile sector is to perform an in-depth research on sub-areas like industries, market behaviour dynamics and emerging technologies, nature of growth and also provide analytic reports as per the findings. This proves helpful for our clients as now they can tap the lucrative growth opportunities within time along with sound knowledge on essential factors like current trends in the sector, possible threats that they may encounter and the novel technologies that they can avail in order to give their competitors a cut-throat fight.

Since the current automotive market has moved beyond traditional strategies and are more data-centric, our services are customised and includes below but not limited to:

  • Scoping market opportunities and technologies
  • Pricing & sales performance analysis
  • Market trends analysis
  • Customer & market segmentation
  • Advertising/ promotion testing and tracking
  • Innovation/ideation services
  • Brand positioning/tracking research
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Product quality monitoring
  • Predictive modelling & maintenance
  • Ad-hoc analytics including churn, risk, etc
  • Decision analytics- automotive databases, lead generation

Based on our years of experience in providing insights about the industry due to our domain focussed professionals, we ensure quality deliverables and complete customer satisfaction in every requirement undertaken by us.

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